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Are you Prepared for the Unexpected?

The likelihood of you or a family member surviving a medical emergency depends on you!  We at Hall MEDpac have developed one way for you and your loved ones to tilt the balance of life away from death and always in your favor.  To do this, you must have a basic understanding of a health emergency  and tools to survive.  We are here for you.  Welcome to the future of medicine.Welcome to a new form of personal and family health safety.


Wherever you are in the world, we are at risk of health concerns.  In the 21st century we can push the boundaries of technological evolution, now you can acquire the ability to make a quick and necessary intervention to save a life anytime, anywhere.


The Hall MEDpac is the world’s only well-equipped, highly portable, “suitcase hospital” linked via GPS locator and satellite phone to a qualified medical professional anywhere on planet Earth, on-call for you. Obtaining emergency medical services and urgent, life-preserving care for the most commonly encountered injuries and accidents has never been easier.


We offer the perfect solution for those who want the ultimate in personal and family protection: a fully equipped medical and surgical pack that can be operated any where on the planet (via an Iridium satellite phone and 500 min prepaid link and GPS locator), with the connectivity to allow you to reach our physicians and our clinic 24/7.


American quality and unparalleled service are the hallmark for our revolutionary, personal medical care device.  Having the peace of mind knowing emergency physicians are on-call for you and your family and assist your medical concern where time to treatment in a hospital or by paramedics may be fatal.  As an owner of a Hall MEDpac, you replace chaos with control, sound decisions over dread, and preparedness to save a life.

The HALL MEDpac Medic 



For more information please call 24/7:

866 9 DR HALL  (866 937 4255) or

305 672 4733




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